Headed out on the lake with friends tonight, the weather is epic! Loaded up the MC X-30 with my favorite boards.
It has been a killer summer on the lake, we have done many lessons, set up new MasterCraft boats and introduced new families to Surfing and Wakeboarding. The water has been both calm and warm.

This year, I participated in the Wini Ski Marathon, a 16 mile race on waterskis. It was a learning experience for me and next year I will be prepared. It was an awesome experience to ski at 60+mph side by side other racers.

For amazing pictures of the race and some of our ski/board sessions. Check http://archive.karenbobotas.com/

There is still plenty of summer to go, so stop by the Pro Shop at Silver Sands Marina if you have a chance and tell us about your experiences.
Summer has been awesome for Morin Training Systems! The new Pro Shop has been doing great and we have been delivering fun lessons all summer.

The shop has seen a lot of business Fri-Sun and we appreciate everyone who has come by. The Inland Surfboards and Slingshot Wakeboards have been a hit and everyone who has used them is really excited. If you have any feedback, let us know.

The Shop also has a SUP to demo if you want to give that a try. Just give me a ring and we can set up a time for a demo.

Summer is in full swing, so get out there and enjoy our great lakes!
Anthony and I jammed away at the setup and it is all coming together. It was nice that much of our inventory has arrived, including the Inland Surf Boards and the MasterCraft gear. We are getting excited to open up Memorial Day Weekend.
At the end of last summer we got out on the lake for a day with photographer, Karen Bobotas.  What a day and it was worth every penny.  She did a great job both capturing the action photos and the lifestyle shots that happen during the day.  We all think we take great shots, but sometimes it is just better to let the professionals take over and get the job done.  If you are ever interested in such an adventure, follow the link and she will happy to set up a day on the lake.  Please let her know we sent you her way.

We are getting ready to open our new pro shop at Silver Sands Marina.  Coming soon: MasterCraft Logo-ware, Inland Surf Boards, SlingShot Wake boards and much more.  We will also try to get on the lake with you for some lessons or sessions, but time slots are limited!

This winter we spent some time at the Boston Boat Show and the excitement about the 2013 MasterCraft line was awesome.  It has sparked many conversations about how to bring better offerings to the marina and make the overall adventure more fun!  The idea of a Pro Shop is an easy next step in building the MasterCraft community right here at home.

If we can establish more followers of this blog, we can work on having some get togethers out on the lake where we can either show off our moves (and shiny new boats) or just hang out at one of the many amazing coves on our pristine lake. So, wether we meet on the lake or at the shop, we are already getting excited about Summer 2013!

I hope to post as many exciting photo's here as possible and keep a bit of marina news as well.

Get ready, the best summer ever is right around the corner. - Mike


    We have been evolving Morin Training Systems for years now and it is funny how things take form.  This summer we are opening a pro shop at Silver Sands Marina and we hope it will enhance everyones love for Summer Water Sports!


    May 2013